Seasonal Maintenance Tips



Remove and clean power meter and chainrings using a mild soap and water solution.


Check all bolts for correct torque values. The crank arm retention bolt should be torqued to 48-54nm. The chainring bolts should be torqued to 10-12nm (steel bolts), 12-16nm (Shimano bolts) or manufacturer’s specifications for 3rd party aluminum bolts.

Torque the battery compartment bolt (2mm or T10) to 1nm.


Lastly, gently bend up the 6 battery contact points to ensure good contact with the battery.


Install a brand new CR2032 battery.


Pair the power meter to the SRAM AXS App for all DZero power meters or to Qalvin Legacy (windows/Mac) for legacy power meters. Ensure the power meter is on the latest firmware version. If not, perform the update now.





While paired to Qalvin, perform a Zero Offset. This should be done prior to every ride.



You can now get right back to riding!

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