Seasonal Maintenance Tips



Remove and clean power meter and chainrings using a mild soap and water solution.


Check all bolts for correct torque values. The crank arm retention bolt should be torqued to 48-54nm. The chainring bolts should be torqued to 10-12nm (steel bolts), 12-16nm (Shimano bolts) or manufacturer’s specifications for 3rd party aluminum bolts.

Torque the battery compartment bolt (2mm or T10) to 1nm.


Lastly, gently bend up the 6 battery contact points to ensure good contact with the battery.


Install a brand new CR2032 battery.


Pair the power meter to the SRAM AXS App for all DZero power meters or to Qalvin Legacy for legacy power meters. Ensure the power meter is on the latest firmware version. If not, perform the update now.





While paired to Qalvin, perform a Zero Offset. This should be done prior to every ride.



You can now get right back to riding!

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