My power meter is reporting cadence but not power.

My power meter will pair to a head unit. While riding cadence reports correctly but does not report power (wattage) data.  

First check that your head unit is properly set up to display power data. Consult your head units manual for this. If it is, continue with the below trouble shooting.

Trouble shooting process:

1. Perform a reboot on the power meter. 

Step A: Remove the power meter battery and set it aside.
Step B: Install 2 pennies into the battery compartment in place of the battery and fully install the battery lid. This will short the battery contacts of the power meter.
Step C: Leave pennies installed for 5 seconds, and then remove.


2. Install a new out of the package battery.


3. Perform a Zero offset on the power meter. 

Step A: Position the drive side crank in the 6 o'clock position. 
Step B: Using your head unit, or Qalvin, perform a zero offset. 
Step C: Record the returned zero offset value. Reference the Zero offset guidelines here > Zero offset guidelines.


If after performing these steps the power meter's zero offset is out of spec, or if the power meter is still not providing power (wattage) data, contact Quarq Customer Service by phone or email for further assistance. When contacting Quarq Customer Service you must provide the serial number and rev code of the power meter. 

Power meter Ant ID and Rev Code location

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