Can I buy just the XX1 power meter spider for me SiSL 2 mountain cranks.

Unfortunately no. Quarq does not offer a mountain bike power meter spider that can be mounted to the Cannondale SiSL 2 (or SI) mountain bike crank.

The SRAM XX1 Eagle power meter uses a proprietary crank to spider interface, and can only be installed on the Quarq XX1 crank arms. 

To use a Quarq power meter you would need to purchase a SRAM XX1 Eagle Power Meter chassis (power meter and crankarms). The Quarq XX1 would then take the place of the Cannondale SiSL 2 mountain crank.  

To see the full specs of the XX1 power meter, visit the Quarq website here, or visit your local SRAM dealer for more information. 

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