Data Drops - Riding Indoors

Symptom Description: While riding indoors wattage and cadence momentarily drop to '0', and then return.The Data Drops are also visible within the power file when viewed with analysis software. 

NOTICE: Cadence and Wattage must drop out together for it to be considered a data drop. If the duration of the drop out exceeds 10 seconds, see Does Not Report Wattage or Cadence. If ONLY wattage drops to '0' see Does Not Report Wattage.

Cause: Indoor data drops are often the result of wireless interference. If enough wireless 'noise' is present from other devices broadcasting on a similar frequency, the signal from the power meter to the head unit can be momentarily interrupted, resulting in data drops.

Resolution: Perform the below troubleshooting. If doing so does not resolve the issue, contact Quarq Customer Service


1) Identify other wireless devices in the area you train - This can include, but is not limited to, the items in the below list. 

• Bluetooth® devices (such as speakers)
• Apple TV/ Airplay
• Cordless phones
• Baby monitors
• Garage door openers
• Microwave ovens

2) Turn off the potential problem device - In order to determine which device around you may be responsible for the interference, begin by turning one potential problem device off.

3) Do a test ride - Perform a test ride to determine if the data drops are still occurring. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you isolate the device responsible for the interference. 

Repeat the process of turning devices off and performing a test rides until the drops outs no longer occur.

If a problem device cannot be identified, see the Power Meter Basic Troubleshooting guide. Perform the sections that apply to the power meter model being used. 


Once you determine which device is responsible for the interference, see the below solutions to determine if it can be left on while riding. 

Distance the problem device from you if possible. Experiment with the location of the problem device as it relates to you and your power meter. Changing it's location in the room, or changing the location of your bike and trainer, may resolve the issue.  

If distancing the problem device from you does not correct the issue, it will need to remain off while training in order to avoid data drops.

Wireless router solutions. If you find that your wireless internet router is the cause of the drop outs, and changing your location does not help, you may be able to change the 2.4 GHz channel that the router operates on instead. Contact your internet provider or see your routers user manual, to determine if the operating channel can be changed. If the router's channel can be changed, channel 1 or 6 is suggested. These channels will not interfere with the power meter.

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