Can I purchase just the power meter spider for my existing SRAM crank?

Unfortunately no. Quarq power meters, with the exception of the DZero for Specialized power meter spider, are use a different spider/crank arm interface than non-power SRAM cranks. All Quarq power meters use 8 T20 bolts to fix the spider to the crank arm, while all non-power SRAM cranks use 3 T25 bolts to fix the spider to the crank arm. These two interfaces are not cross compatible. The new 8-bolt interface improves power measurement stability and allows the customer to swap the power meter from one crankarm to another without impacting accuracy. 

If you do have 8 bolt Quarq Power Ready cranks, you can purchase the spider only and install it directly onto your cranks. Please email customer service at or call us at 1-800-660-6853 if there are any questions.




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