Wattage Reports Very Low Following Hard Effort - DZero ONLY

Symptom Description: When pedaling hard and moving the bike from side to side, such as while sprinting, the power meter mistakenly performs a zero offset. As a result, the force applied by the rider (when this error occurs) is 'offset', causing the power meter to report very low wattage. Wattage will report low until the erroneous offset value is cleared by resetting the Zero Offset. 

Cause: During the vigrous side to side motion the power meter's accelerometer mistakenly senses a reverse rotational direction, resulting in an Auto-Zero. This is a firmware issue seen ONLY with DZero firmware versions 1 and 2. 


This issue was corrected with DZero firmware version 3. Use Qalvin BLE or the SRAM AXS app to verify the currently installed firmware, and update if needed. 

For update instructions see, How To BLE - Firmware Update

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