Version 24 - June 17, 2015

  • Minor tweaks to streamline manufacturing. No rider impact.
  • Fixed bug where power meter would not sleep when lying perfectly flat and still.
  • Changes to ANT+™ messages. (See below.)
  • The calibration message has been updated to use the format found in the most recent ANT+™ Bike Power Profile. In addition to the returned value, the power meter now sends a countdown until calibration (zeroing) is complete and a strain reading. We are not aware of any head units whose firmware has been updated to display this information.
  • The crank length message has been removed. We originally understood that this message would be sent to the head unit and passed on to your chosen analysis software. This would automatically populate the crank length for quadrant analysis or other charts and calculations that use crank length. The message has since been reversed to configure power meter pedals.
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