How To Legacy - Firmware Update

Follow the below process to update firmware on Legacy Compatible Power Meters.

The following MUST be completed prior to performing the below process:

  • The correct hardware must be used with the device running Qalvin Legacy in order to connect a power meter. 
  • The power meter must be on and transmitting.

1) Open the Qalvin Legacy App and use the "Search" or "Enter" function to connect the power meter.Firmware_Update_step_1.png

2) Connection will take a few moments. Once connected, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Firmware".Firmware_Update_step_2.png

3) Select "I Understand" to enter through the warning message.  The Firmware page will display the "Currently Installed" firmware version. Select "Check For Available" to display the current firmware available for download.  If the version numbers do NOT match, the current firmware is out of date and requires an update.Firmware_Update_step_3.png

4) Select "Update Firmware" to being the firmware update. The Update Progress will begin to increase, signifying the update has started. Qalvin Legacy will indicate "Finished" when the update is complete. It is NOT necessary that you reconnect. Firmware_Update_step_4.png


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