LED continuously flash orange - DZero/Four/EagleMTB ONLY

Symptom Description: The power meter's orange colored LED flashes on and off continuously. While in this state the power meter will NOT connect to a head unit.

Cause:  The power meter is in bootloader and the existing firmware is incomplete, leaving the power meter stuck in bootlader. This issue affects DZero power meters with firmware version 1 ONLY. 

Firmware version 2 (and onward) preserves the existing firmware while in bootloader. This means that if the new firmware does not load within a 10 minute window, the power meter reverts to the existing firmware, returning it to normal function.

Resolution: You must re-load the power meter firmware using Qalvin BLE. Complete the below troubleshooting. If doing so does not resolve the issue, contact Quarq Customer Service


1) Enter the power meter ID to connect the power meter to Qalvin BLE.
*When in the Flashing LED state, it is recommended that the ID be entered, not searched for. 1.5_BLE_Enter_ID.png

2) Once connected, the app will automatically open to the Firmware Update page. 
Select, 'Check for Available Firmware'.3._BLE_update_page.png

3) Select 'Update Firmware' to begin uploading. 4._BLE_update_progress.png

4) When the firmware update completes, the power meter will return to normal function and the LED will no longer flash continuously. 

If normal function does NOT return, please contact Quarq Customer Service5._BLE_complete.png

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